" It's not what you ride but who you ride with "

Logo sideways, this is what happens when you have too much " Hog Nog "

Welcome to the Calgary Motorcycle Club web site. The C M.C. was established in 1926 by a group of individuals who all had a common interest in riding motorcycles . Flash forward to the year 2019 and the C.M.C. is still here, still doing what it does best, riding motorcycles. The clubs interests are primarily touring, which includes riding the hiways and byways of Calgary and surrounding regions. The club does not just limit itself to the pavement but also travels the dirt roads and gravel roads of Alberta and B.C. by hosting several dual sport rides as well. Whether it is a short scenic day trip, a poker run, or a long weekend camping trip, we invite you to join the C.M.C. on our adventures and enjoy the camaradarie of touring throughout some of the most scenic areas of Alberta and western Canada.

It doesn't matter the brand, style or size of motorcycle you ride: you are welcome to join the C.M.C. The only requirements to ride with us are a valid drivers licence with motorcycle endorsement , safe riding habits , a good sense of humor and a passion for motorcycling.

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22.09.2022 19:11

Craig Richardson

Do you think it would be ok if I attended a meeting?

23.09.2022 13:32


You are more than welcome to attend. Our next one is October 5th. See you there.

23.06.2022 22:37


Do you have/accept any can am spyder riders in the club?

24.06.2022 14:13


Hi Jim, yes we currently have one spyder rider in the club.

27.05.2022 03:13


I want learn motorcycle in calgary , what should I need to do , you guys giving training to

30.03.2022 19:38


Good afternoon,
I am no longer able to ride and must sell my gear.
May I post it here?

30.03.2022 20:45

Wade Youngman

Hello Sabine if you would like to give me a list of the items, sizes, brand names etc. I will let our members know. Please include email and or a phone number.

16.01.2022 17:37

Chris H

How does one become a member?

05.01.2022 20:23

Wade Youngman

Yes newcomers are welcome to join our meetings.

09.12.2021 14:07


do you have trike riders in the club , seniors

16.05.2021 00:59

Denis Benoit

I would like to join some rides now that the weather is better

21.08.2020 00:45


Im a beginner rider. Looking for guidance to get riding experience.

01.08.2020 03:11

Saida Hassan

I’m interested to join this amazing group I ride can am Ryder 600 I don’t know if I fit in. My Ryker is not powerful like normal Harley. Please and thank you.

19.01.2020 05:36

Darwin Delorme

I’m very interested in becoming a member and looking forward to riding this summer with the Club.

20.01.2020 03:10


Hello Darwin, we thank you for your interest in our club. Hope to see you at our next meeting. The first Wednesday of February.

23.07.2019 04:07

Hugo Estupinan

Hello to everyone. I am new to the city and I love to ride a motorcycle. I want to join and be part of this wonderful group?? Thanks

23.07.2019 20:52


We meet the first Wednesday of the month . Feel free to check us out. Next meeting is in Sept.

22.07.2019 10:23

Carlos Roche

Got a couple repairs to do on my XR650L and i'll be riding in no time!!

17.06.2019 03:56

John j Masterman

Hi there again CMC! Long time ago I spent some years with this club. Interested in poker runs and maybe some touring. Riding again what’s the club up to? Where’s Sunday coffee?

23.07.2019 20:50


Once you are up and running check us out.

22.03.2019 17:33


The Albert's license plates are to big sign and share this petion

14.10.2018 14:36


Hello Riders. I am selling my 2007 BMW F800S for $5,150. It’s in mint condition. 28,000km message me for details.

14.06.2018 16:21

Trevor Freeman

Hello Riders,

My name is Trevor Freeman and I work with Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino. We just wanted you to know that SNR is rider friendly and open for one and all to come enjoy our facilities!

12.06.2018 23:22

Garrett Jones

Hi I’ve got my class 6 written and need a supervisor I’m also in royal oak nw

15.05.2018 22:34

Patrick Sloan

Hello there and I've taken a brief look at your website seems like a decent Club and I'm interested in joining, possibly only for the fact that you have a cool logo

02.05.2018 02:16


Hey! Anyone interested in going for a ride? New rider with learner's permit, looking for a "supervisor". Live in the NW (Royal Oak). Just looking for a good cruise on my new bike!!



14.04.2018 00:05


what's the name of the Creston campground for the May long weekend ... gotta check my budget!

14.04.2018 04:17


Scottie’s rv

03.04.2018 14:09

Bill Hurst

I am a 75 year old that just started riding last spring and I am interested in possibly joining your club. I will try to get out to your meeting tomorrow.

03.04.2018 17:01


Bill, you are welcome to attend the meeting. Hope to see and meet you there. Thanks Wade

26.01.2018 01:58


When is the next monthly meeting? New to Calgary. Thanks.

08.02.2018 00:08


Hi Danny, our meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month, so today is a meeting day

24.12.2017 06:17

jim v.


im a single male in his 40s looking to meet some new friends to ride and hang with. pls let me know if you are looking to add new members. thanks

27.12.2017 14:49


Hello Jim, If you are interested in possibly joining the club, either come on down and see us at the upcoming motorcycle show or attend our next monthly meeting.

17.12.2017 17:21

Jay Colburn

Hi I was a member of the CMC back in the 60's and 70's. I was only 14 when I joined I think Ron Mallet was the president. Is this the same club? It was focused more on off-road those days.

18.12.2017 14:49


Hello Jay, yes this is the same club. The club was more of an off road club back in your day. In 1980 a Touring or street riding division of the club was added. Send me an email and we can chat more.

15.09.2017 20:45

Ken Forsyth

Hey Wade. Unfortunately we got hammered by a real nasty hurricane will not make the toy ride. You all be in my thoughts and prayers have a safe and good ride and hopefully will catch you at some point

27.08.2017 00:35

Ken Forsyth

Hopefully see you tomorrow

29.08.2017 20:28


Always great to meet up with former members of the C.M.C. and see what they are up to these days. See you on Sept. 17 for the Magic of Christmas toy run.

24.08.2017 23:46

Ken Forsyth

Are your emails checked reglarily

25.08.2017 16:46


Yes they are Ken. Long time since I have heard from you.

24.05.2017 00:35

Steve Nielsen

Hello Ppl! WAnna Find some Poeple Go Ridin With!

26.03.2017 21:17

John sears

On my learners license and looking for riders to ride with...sitting at home on nice days looking at my dyna sucks....I need to ride

21.04.2017 15:45


Have a look at our ride schedule tab and come on out and join us and check us out